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Terms and Conditions

1. Software and Website Markup Code
Any code created by Roxbury Dynamic will not be modified or reverse engineered in any way, under any circumstances. This will be seen as a breach of trust and grounds for the cessation of service with immediate effect. Legal proceedings may also be taken against individuals or companies.

2. Copyright Issues
Any graphics, images, depictions, etc. used in work carried out on your behalf by Roxbury Dynamic, regardless of the medium (leaflet design, web design, business card design, print work, graphic reproduction, word processing etc), are the intellectual property of the signatory or company you represent, or are used with permission from the relevant authority/owner of the image.

2.1 In the event of legal proceedings being taken all images will be exclusively the responsibility of the signatory or company you represent.

3. Web Hosting
You will be charged an agreed amount for hosting at an agreed interval.

3.1 The first charges for hosting will be due 30 calendar days after the date when both parties agree the site is “live”.

3.2 In the event of a missed hosting payment, Roxbury Dynamic will allow a 30 day grace period, after which we reserve the right to discontinue service. If payment is made within the grace period, along with arrears at the agreed rate, services will continue uninterrupted as agreed.

3.3 Roxbury Dynamic reserves the right to alter hosting charges at the rate of national inflation. You will be given notice of this in writing.

3.4 In the event that the signatory or the company they represent choose to host online products elsewhere Roxbury Dynamic relinquish any responsibility for the content, and are under no obligation to assist with the transfer in any way. (Under certain circumstances Roxbury Dynamic will assist with the transfer).

4. Online Uptime
Roxbury Dynamic in no way guarantees uptime for any online product. You also understand and agree that any online product will periodically require maintenance and upgrades.

5. Updates and Alterations
Roxbury Dynamic reserves the right to alter any product at any time without prior notice. This will always be done in the best interest of the customer, as new features become available or system-wide changes are required.

6. Browser Compatibility
New web browsers are released all the time, and existing browsers are updated regularly. As such, online products supplied by Roxbury Dynamic may not be fully compliant with every web browser. We will always test our work with several of the most popular browsers before going live on any product.

7. Flexible Content Hosting.
Roxbury Dynamic reserve the right to determine, on a case-by-case basis, which tasks are covered by this program. Where applicable Roxbury Dynamic may carry out other areas of work deemed to be covered by this level of service.

7.1 Examples of work, carried out within one month, as might be covered by Flexible Content Hosting:

  • Images - Resizing four images, creating thumbnails for four images, adding alt tags for these images, uploading images.
  • Text - Proof reading, editing where applicable and uploading text.
  • Layout - minor changes to the site layout
  • Links - altering link locations
For more information please contact Roxbury Dynamic.

8. Search engines
Search engines regularly change the way they work. It is therefore impossible to guarantee a specific position or rank on search engines without resorting to sponsored listings.

9. Non-Roxbury alterations
In the event that you wish to alter the code of your website, either yourself or via a third party, Roxbury Dynamic should be informed. In some cases altering the code of the site may have detrimental effects to Search Engine Optimisation, or possibly affect the way the site functions. In this event Roxbury Dynamic relinquish responsibility for the functionality of the website. This may also invalidate hosting options as further alterations to the site may require additional coding.

10. Access to source code
Should you require, we can in most cases supply you with all relevant code for your website. Please be aware that some elements depend upon server configuration, and may fail when served from another location.

11. Ownership
Roxbury Dynamic consider all code created for a client to be the property of the client. This excludes code that is used on a licensed basis (eg, third-party software and Control Centres).

12. Payment
Typically, a price will be agreed before commencement of any work. In most circumstances a written quotation will also be provided prior to commencement. This quotation is valid for six months from date of delivery, excluding purchased items.

12.1 Estimations and quotes will be delivered in hard copy format on request along with a full invoice upon completion of any given project.

12.2 Upon payment for work carried out, the project will be deemed completed to a satisfactory level.

12.3 Upon completion of a given project payment should be made within 14 days.

12.4 If payment is not made within the 14 day period Roxbury Dynamic reserve the right to cease service. Hosting will not be charged for this period.

12.5 Any verbal contract from the client or nominee will be considered an agreement and authority to carry out work. Should stage payments be agreed they will be paid at the relevant intervals of a project.

13. Stage Payments
Particularly large or complex projects may require stage payments. In some circumstances one third of the total payment may be required prior to commencement, and one third at an agreed milestone. The balance will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the project.

14. Timeframe
Roxbury Dynamic will always endeavour to complete projects in timeframes agreed prior to commencement. Due to the nature of our work we offer no guarantee concerning completion dates.

15. Refusal / Termination of Services
Roxbury Dynamic reserves the right to refuse service at any time.

15.1 In the event of termination, Roxbury Dynamic will supply all relevant code and files for any given product with the exception of a Control Centre or related software.

15.2 Roxbury Dynamic reserves the right to deny access to any given Control Centre or variation. If you have purchased a Control Centre license or commissioned a variation or hybrid system you have used the system on a licensed basis and the system remains the property of Roxbury Dynamic.

16. Purchased Items
Roxbury Dynamic, do not sell hardware or electronics, but may purchase items on your behalf, if requested. Roxbury Dynamic are in no way responsible for the condition of such items, and offer no additional insurance, guarantee or warranty for such items. Your statutory rights are not affected.

17. Repairs and Troubleshooting
Roxbury Dynamic may, if required, carry out software troubleshooting or repairs to hardware. No warranty or guarantee is offered for the work carried out. Be aware that work on hardware may invalidate manufacturer’s warranties.

18. Domain Registration
We will always register domains in the name of the client. The domain is sole property of the named owner. Should you require a domain transfer, change of ownership or other change of details, we can provide you with all relevant papers, passwords and user names in writing by recorded post. A charge will apply from the registrar as well as an administrative fee.

18.1 It should be noted that domain prices fluctuate, and domain prices quoted are not guaranteed.

18.2 We will typically attempt to contact you one month prior to the expiry of a domain. Our standard practice is to re-register the domain on your behalf, so if you wish to allow a domain to expire you must let us know at least one month prior to the domain's expiry date.

19. Content Privacy
Roxbury Dynamic conform to all relevant data protection laws. Employees of Roxbury Dynamic may be required to view information you have stored within online products (such as Control Centres) as part of routine maintenance or repair. This includes all aspects of data storage.

19.1 Roxbury Dynamic will never disclose any information about your company, your business workings or your customers in a direct capacity.

19.2 Roxbury Dynamic reserve the right to discuss projects and works carried out in an anonymous capacity for marketing purposes.

19.3 You must in no way infringe on data protection laws using a product supplied to you or the company you represent.

20. Performance Monitoring
Roxbury Dynamic reserve the right to monitor product performance remotely for the purposes of fault diagnosis.

21. The Law
Should legal issues arise relating to work carried out by Roxbury Dynamic it is the client’s responsibility to bring the subject to the attention of Roxbury Dynamic.

21.1 In the event of legal proceedings Roxbury Dynamic will not be held liable for work carried out under instruction.

21.2 Our terms and conditions do not in any way affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. Please check our website for the latest issue.

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.